We offer full coverage: Consulting, Advice to New Start Ups, Virtual Office Management to Insurance Coordinator  



Cutting edge dentists are outsourcing these days and while you can call an agency for a temporary assistant or hygienist, there don’t seem to be any agencies for expert office managers or insurance coordinators….enter Michele Pennington and team. I have 30 years experience in both the dental and insurance industries. My team of expert agents are here to alleviate issues and help you overcome any obstacles!


When you outsource specific tasks, you save time for your in-office staff to improve the patient's experience. You are also not paying benefits or matching employee taxes. With DIA, you need have no concern that things will be done properly and promptly, nor do you need to expend valuable resources training the new  staff members. You will have experts, who work remotely, to address a variety of needs. 

Best of all, we can connect immediately while maintaining HIPAA compliance once your decision is made. We work with most dental softwares.



Does your current staff need training?
Not ready to outsource? Call for a free consultation, outline your needs, and receive a custom quote. From choosing a software to choosing a new staff member, we're here to make life easier for you! During training, our agents are happy to fill in prn.
Are you searching for just the right Office Manager or Insurance Specialist?
Allow us to step in remotely for the interim
and seamlessly, professionally cover the
duties so you are not left in the lurch,
holding the bag of what sometimes feel
like the “mysteries” of managing front desk
duties, taking care of your immediate needs
so that you don’t suffer cash flow issues in
the coming weeks and months.
Do you have a specific assignment for our agents?
DIA specializes in bridging the gap left when you lose your Office Manager or Insurance Specialist or when s/he just needs a little help, including vacation, maternity, sick or bereavement leave. We can drill down deep assisting you in excavating the decay placing temporary IRM to halt the ruinous advances of deterioration should your situation demand it.


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We offer IMMEDIATE relief for the pain of suffering gaps in your staff. Just like dental caries, left untreated, the negative results can only grow. The more extensively they corrode your practice, the deeper and more expensive to correct in the long run, unnecessarily subjecting you to untold levels of stress, including financial loss. Together we will customize the best plan to temporize the missing skills or lack of time to competently complete necessary duties that create a smoothly running, systems-in-place practice where you can enjoy relaxed, profitable dentistry.


Michele and her team are amazing! They have filled a huge void in our practice, providing us with a total insurance processing package. From sending claims with appropriate narratives and attachments, to processing payments received from insurance companies, following up on delinquent claims and resubmitting when insurance denies a claim, they are the real deal! With incredible attention to detail and impressive customer service, their services would be a great adjunct for anyone who needs help with the insurance portion of their practice, without having to hire another in office team member! 

Says Paul Gilreath IV, DMD, Founder and CEO of Gilreath Family Dentistry in Marietta, GA


Michele Pennington